Takes on world news, books, articles, world journalists, poets

This blog will highlight events and stories in world news, books that are insightful and beguiling and my one writing–essays, poetry and thoughts. My hope is that these articles will stimulate your thinking on politics, the environment, gender and race and help you see your place in the world in a new way.  I read news and commentary everyday as well as books and articles.  I have lived all over the world and experienced many places and people from diverse backgrounds. Everything I write is informed by my experiences and these diverse resources.  The authors, journalists and people I talk about will be cited in my text or in the references, as they pertain to the story.

About Me:

Writing is pretty much my life. I am an academic editor for a research editing company, English Writing Help, Inc. Everyday I edit research across all disciplines.  I have editing for many years. Before I started my own research editing business, http://www.englishwritinghelp.com, I taught in academia in the U.S. and in Japan. I am also an editor for enotes, a literature guide and support service for the education industry. I write books, articles, short stories and poetry too.

Reading the news and thinking about it stimulates me to write. Many of the posts in this blog will be the result from the daily news. I don’t focus too much on mainstream newspapers. I like some of the new web based media outlets, such as, Slate Magazine and The Huffington Post and some publications that have been around for awhile, like the New York Times and the Utne Reader, which is a great print publication and The Sun Magazine of Ideas, another publication that covers thoughtful topics very deeply.


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