Mexican Women In Between: The drug Wars and the murders in Juarez

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Mexican women are in between the drug wars and the American corporations in Juarez. The women working in these corporations live in abysmal conditions–their homes are small, dirty and located outside of the city, where there are no roads or streetlights; while the corporations are housed in large, white beautiful buildings surrounded by gates with locks. The difference is striking as are the lives of the men who are the management of companies, such as, Maytag, Nike, Nokia and others, and the women and girls who work 12 hour a day shifts.

Who are these women?

How do they live? Since Calderon came into power and drug cartel violence has escalated, the women live in terror. Since Jan of 2009, 4,000 people have been killed in violence in Cuidad, Juarez in Mexico because of the drug violence. On Sept. 13th of this year an armed gunman rushed into a drug clinic and had all the patients line up then he killed them.

In December, at an inter-American Tribunal, it was found that Mexican government violated human rights because they failed to investigate three murders of young women that occured in 2003. However, the three murders that Mexico must pay 200,000 each for are just the tip of the iceberg of all the murders of women in Juarez that have not been investigated. As of this date, hundreds of women have been murdered in Ciudad, Juarez with no real interest or investigation by the government. There have been over 350 women and girls whose bodies were mutilated and dumped.

“It represents hope for thousands of people, of mothers, of desperate family members with nowhere to turn for help, no one to bring them justice,” said Irma Guadalupe Casas, director of Casa Amiga, a Ciudad group inthe city of Juarez that works with the families of the deceased.

At a demonstration in Ciudad Juarez, a member of the activist group Women in Black holds a cross that says, “Not even one more.” Hundreds of women and girls have been killed in the border city since 1993; most of the slayings have not been solved. (Associated Press / November 23, 2009) from the Los Angeles Times.


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